Average Salary

No matter which part of the world you are from, there are many reasons why a person should know about the average salary of their country. The same is the case for the residents of South Africa, especially those who are about to enter their careers.

One of the main reasons behind knowing the average salary in South Africa is that it prepares the person for what to expect when they are about to embark on the journey of looking for a job. Therefore, no matter what the profession is, it is important to know beforehand how much it can offer per month and annum.

The article below covers every aspect of the average salary in South Africa. You will find the average salary of different professions along with detailed information about the comparison of South African salaries to other countries. So, without any more delay, let’s talk about the salaries in the country.

What is the Average Salary in South Africa Right Now?

When we talk about an average salary, it highly depends upon the field and job of the person. If a person is working as a healthcare worker, their earning will be lower than those who are a part of the IT industry in South Africa.

Average Salary

However, if we have to make an average of the salaries of different employees in South Africa, then the range is ZAR26,000 to ZAR31,000. This is the average salary per month. If we convert it to an annual scale, then the salary range is ZAR312,000 to ZAR372,000 per annum.

As mentioned above, the average salary depends upon various factors. The job type, ranking, work experience, and level of education of the employee are a few factors that play a role in how much a person earns per month in South Africa.

Comparison Between Average Salary in USA and UK to South Africa

average salary in south africa

The average salary of a worker in the USA is $1100 per week, which makes an average of $4400 to $4500 per month. In South African currency, this amount converts to ZAR 20324.76 per week and ZAR 81299 to ZAR 83146 per month.

On the other hand, the average salary of a worker in the UK is £1800 to £4500 per month, depending upon the location, education level, job type, and the age of the person. In South African currency, this amount equals to ZAR 42529 to ZAR 106324.

The USA’s average monthly income is approximately 1600% to 1700% higher than that of South Africa. If we compare the monthly income of the UK with South Africa, the monthly average income of UK workers is 850% to 2100% higher than that of South African workers.

Salary of Cyril Ramaphosa

Being the President of South Africa, many assume that Cyril Ramaphosa must have a high monthly salary. This is not a lie as the monthly salary of Cyril is approximately $4 million. It will be increased to $4.6 million in the upcoming years.

If we convert it into South African currency, the monthly income of the President is ZAR 73908200. This makes his annual income ZAR 886898400. The net worth of Cyril Ramaphosa is over $500 million which is ZAR 9,238,525,000.

Minimum Wage in South Africa

At the beginning of 2023, the minimum wage in South Africa was ZAR 23.19 per hour. However, from the 1st of March, the Department of Labour increased the minimum wage by 9.6%. This made the new minimum wage in South Africa is ZAR 25.42 per hour.

So, if a person works for 8 hours per day, then their earnings will be ZAR 203.36 per day and ZAR 4405.79 per month. Those who work for 9 hours will earn ZAR 228.78 per day and ZAR 4956.52 per month.

This includes farm workers as well as domestic workers. No worker in the country can be paid less than this minimum amount. Those who do pay their employees less than the government-set minimum wage will be punished by lodging a complaint in the Department of Labour.

However, there is one category of workers that are exempted from this minimum wage i.e., EPWP. The minimum wage of EPWP is ZAR 13.97 per hour.

Salaries of Popular South African Professions & Skills

The average salaries of different professions in South Africa depend upon a few factors. The person’s education level, their rank in the job, as well as their previous work experience affect their average salary per month. The chart below lists the average salary of different professions in South Africa.

Serial Number Profession Average Monthly Salary (ZAR)
1. Teacher Salary ZAR 22593
2. Mechanical Engineering Salary ZAR 29375
3. Software Engineer & Developer Salary ZAR 52 375
4. Nurse Salary (Govt & Private) ZAR 33,428 (Govt) & ZAR 49,011 (Private)
5. Cyber Security Salary ZAR 77 083
6. Civil Engineering Salary ZAR 54 167
7. Actuarial Science Salary ZAR 44,100
8. Flight Attendant Salary ZAR 16 500
9. Chartered Accountant Salary ZAR 52 875
10. Department of Labour Salary Schedule Form UIF ZAR 26387 (Call Centre Representative) & ZAR 82306 (Director)
11. Nehawu Salary Increase 2022/23 Update 7 to 7.5 percent
12. Lawyer Salary ZAR 57,500
13. Electrical Engineering Salary ZAR 40,000
14. Data Scientist Salary ZAR 76,000
15. Boilermaker Salary ZAR 20,000
16. Medical Doctor Salary ZAR 60,001
17. Pilot Salary ZAR 20,000
18. Pharmacist Salary ZAR 45,000
19. Business Analyst Salary ZAR 57,293
20. Neurosurgeon Salary ZAR 108,759
21. Architecture Salary ZAR 100,000
22. Chemical Engineering Salary ZAR 45,000
23. Radiographer Salary ZAR 40,000
24. Social Worker Salary ZAR 19,477
25. Physiotherapist Salary ZAR 57,400
26. Psychologist Salary ZAR 60,000
27. Project Manager & Assistant Salary ZAR 50,000 (Project Manager) & ZAR 22,769 (Assistant)
28. Occupational Therapist Salary ZAR 32,292
29. Traffic Cop Salary ZAR 27,315
30. Geologist Salary ZAR 45,000
31. Dentist Salary ZAR 35,000
32. Biomedical Engineering Salary ZAR 37,500
33. Takealot Driver Salary ZAR 10,750
34. Computer Science Salary ZAR 25,001
35. Police (SAPS) Salary ZAR 186,483
36. Fitter And Turner Salary ZAR 25,833
37. Anesthesiologists Salary ZAR 16,500
38. Correctional Services Salary ZAR 350,000
39. Cardiologist Salary ZAR 206149
40. Petrol Attendant Salary ZAR 15,500
41. HR Manager Salary ZAR 40,000
42. Real Estate Agent Salary ZAR 36,000
43. Quantity Surveyor Salary ZAR 30,000
44. Biokineticist Salary ZAR 48,250
45. Safety Officer Salary ZAR 23,929
46. Assistant Teacher Salary ZAR 16,800
47. Graphic Designer Salary ZAR 17,500
48. Educare Employees Salary ZAR 5281
49. Somatology Salary ZAR 18,000
50. Financial Advisor, Manager & Economist Salary ZAR 20,000, ZAR 40,000 & ZAR 222,000
51. Eskom Ceo Salary ZAR 586,666
52. Public Management Salary ZAR 190,000
53. Health Promotion Officer Salary ZAR 118,826
54. Operations Manager Salary ZAR 46,804
55. SA Army Salary During Training ZAR 12,397
56. Audiologist Salary ZAR 31,250
57. Gynecologist Salary ZAR 16,250
58. Mining Engineering Salary ZAR 37,500
59. Domestic Workers Salary ZAR 14,300
60. Artisan Salary ZAR 29,697
61. Optometrist Salary ZAR 27,500
62. Dermatologist Salary ZAR 187,830
63. Marine Biologist Salary ZAR 13,540
64. Phlebotomist Salary ZAR 27,500
65. Firefighter Salary ZAR 102,534
66. Investment Banker Salary ZAR 24,500
67. Supply Chain Management Salary ZAR 173,703
68. Pediatrician Salary ZAR 15,000
69. Digital Marketing Manager Salary ZAR 40,000
70. Fashion Designer Salary ZAR 15,000
71. Chilton Elderly Care Salary ZAR 18,000
72. She Rep Salary ZAR 35,001
73. Surgeon Salary ZAR 49,126
74. IT Specialist Salary ZAR 60,001

What’s a good salary in South Africa?

A good salary range in South Africa is ZAR 35000 to ZAR 50000 per month. It allows the individual to live comfortably in the country and pay for all of their expenses without any worries.

What is the average income to live comfortably in South Africa?

In order to live comfortably in South Africa, a person should earn ZAR 40,000. However, it has been claimed by experts that a person should make ZAR 45,000 to pay for all of their expenses.

What is the middle-class salary in South Africa?

The middle-class salary in South Africa starts from ZAR 20,000 to ZAR 25,000. An amount of monthly salary higher than ZAR 25,000 is considered decent.

The first concern of every person in South Africa who is about to start working revolves around the salary. Knowing the average salary in the country is one of the many methods that can help in tackling this concern as it will prepare you on what to expect. I hope the information shared in the article above helps you out in this journey!